Balance Update 7/31

tl;dr We’re trialing a transition towards better team defense and letting Playmaking Bigs live up to their name as utility-focused players.

We’re rolling out some Balance Updates for GMs to take into consideration before they plan their strategy for next week. These changes are a continuation of our goals for season0 and should move us in the right direction to improve the core of the game.

Update #1: Trialing Improved Team Defense

Currently, GMs are playing guessing games to predict where their opponents’ best scorers and defenders play. To address this, we’ve been rethinking how defense works, and are going to trial a transition from positional defense to overall team defense, starting with the interior. Don’t worry, your stars on D will continue to shine and your defensive role players will still have a chance to step up. Post defenders will now also help their teammates step up in the front court leading to a better overall team defense and shift how GMs get strategic with their lineups. Lastly, take note: If your team has too many interior defenders, the opponent team will adjust and start taking more shots on the perimeter.

Update #2: Adjusting Playmaking Bigs

Right now, Playmaking Bigs are taking too many shots for a play style that is supposed to be utility-focused, not offensive-focused. Since we made the Versatile Forward a defensive-focused archetype, we want to make sure there is a utility-focused archetype in the PF/C spot. To make sure the Playmaking Big lives up to its name, we will have them take fewer shots and pass more instead. Your Playmaking Big will still be valuable asset in your lineup, just expect them to distribute more assists than scoring points moving forward.

Take these updates and apply them to next week’s round of games!

Remember to set your line ups 1 hour before each game starts and double check you’re connected on our Twitter and Discord to stay in the loop on all future updates.



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