Balance Update 8/14

tl;dr Versatile Forwards won’t shut it down like they used to on defense, but Rim Protectors and 3&D Wings are stepping up.

It may be Sunday, but this is no time to rest! We’re rolling out a big balance update this week that will shake up the defense and offense. Let’s get into it.

Mid Range verses Interior Defense Combination

Right now, when up against a team with a strong interior defense combo, players are taking more 3-point shots but are not taking more mid-range shots. We don’t believe that this makes basketball sense, and want to make sure players aren’t just shooting from downtown when the mid-range is open. Expect Play Styles that excel in the midrange like Offensive Wings, Scoring Guards, and Shooting Playmakers to enjoy a small boost.

Out-of-Position Defender Nerf

We want to make a player’s preferred position a significant factor when it comes to their performance on court, and the absence of a debuff for out-of-position interior defenders doesn’t fit with this expectation. So, we will be nerfing the boost out-of-position interior defenders have been getting. This will influence their team impact, and won’t affect their man-to-man effectiveness. These players will be heavily impacted, so GMs should place Play Styles like Rim Protectors and Versatile Forwards in, or close to, their listed preferred position.

Versatile Forwards Taking 2 Steps Forward, 1 Back

In our last patch, we buffed up Versatile Forwards, but since then the 2 Versatile Forward combination has had an unrealistically high win rate on the floor. We are going to re-adjust that buff by reducing the contribution of a Versatile Forward on help defense, while buffing the contribution of Rim Protectors in that area. Having 2 Versatile Forwards won’t give GMs that boost on D anymore, but a Versatile Forward and Rim Protector combination will still be effective. This update will not change these Play Styles’ man-to-man effectiveness. Because, really, Rim Protectors should be the true tier 1 interior defender Play Style.

Peep how overpowered they’ve been here 👇 (shoutout CryptoBroJoe)

More Versatile Forward Nerfing

Currently, Versatile Forwards contribute too much on offense relative to other passers. We want to reduce their effectiveness, so we are decreasing their assist output. We hope this gives other playmaking Play Styles room to shine, and gives GMs the chance to bench their Versatile Forwards, because they’ll no longer be considered “must play players.” Put those playmakers who’ve been riding the bench in the game!

3&D Earns Their Wings

We know. 3&D Wings can’t shoot for shit right now. It’s about time they live up to their play style description, so we are buffing their 3-point output and efficiency. Where Versatile Forwards were seen as must-play, 3&D’s were never-plays. We want this position to be an asset to their teams and hope to see them get more play time. Expect to see them sinking more 3’s.



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