Box Office Grand Opening

We are transitioning to a new and improved rewards system powered by storable DIMES. Please put your hands together for the Box Office. The Box Office will be the primary destination for GMs to spend those DIMES on more than just SOL drawings. Please note this is an early version of the Box Office — as with everything else in our season0 alpha — and it will evolve and grow substantially over time.

How It Will Work

The Box Office will be your one stop shop to utilize DIMES. It’s here that GMs can enter drawings, bid on auctions, and directly purchase items including VBA Players, Player Packs, VBA merchandise, and other special items.

For drawings, GMs will be able to purchase multiple tickets to increase their chances of winning.

In addition to DIMES, GMs will also eventually be able to spend SOL and cash at the Box Office.

Ownership is Fun and Empowering

Storable DIMES and the Box Office present GMs with the opportunity to build a strategy around DIMES, and spend them exactly how they want. The VBA is grounded in the idea of ownership, and owning a team doesn’t stop when your players step off the court, so neither should the VBA GM experience. By giving GMs giving the ability and freedom to manage their own rewards and easily reinvest in their team, we strengthen the VBA ecosystem and make the game more fun.

Day 1 at the Box Office

This initial version of Box Office will open for business this Thursday, September 8th and will offer SOL raffles, with more coming in the future! As always, we will be monitoring the Box Office’s performance closely, testing new ways to reward our GMs, and listening to our community’s feedback.



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Virtual Basketball Association (VBA)

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