Don’t get fooled out of a VBA Player

The blockchain is always right!

With our first players redeemed, packs with 6 or fewer players can be traded on the marketplace. This blog post will help flipoooors and investoooors assess the value of a player pack before purchasing through the following vetted process. Protect yourself by educating yourself.

The Metadata

Player Pack Redemption count is the most important piece of metadata when assessing a pack for its value. A full pack will have a Player Redemption value of 7. Every subsequent pack opening will decrement the Player Redemption count until it reaches 0, signifying that there are no players left to redeem.

Some marketplaces like MagicEden have a 2 hour delay between the onchain update and the UI update. We have stored the Player Redemption count on chain so that it can be easily accessible to the community, regardless of marketplace delay.

We are working with our external partners to find a way to update the metadata as quickly as possible on their sites. For now, the VBA dev team will step in and build tooling for the community while we wait.

Please follow the steps below before making a purchasing decision on any NFT marketplace. The VBA team cannot make any promises on metadata values from third party sites.

How to view the live player redemption count

  1. Get the mint address for the player pack you want to verify

If you are on a MagicEden listing, please click on the “Mint address” in the “Details” section to get this value. Image below illustrates where you should click to have the mint address copied to your clipboard.

Click on the mint address to get it copied to your clipboard

2. Copy the token address into our tool checker tool at

3. Click the “Get Redemptions Remaining” Button to view the Redemption Count

4. Decide if you want to buy

5. Get buckets



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