How do I know how good my VBA player is?

With the first VBA players right around the corner, we wanted to walk you through one of the most common questions we’ve been getting asked:

How do I know how good my VBA player is?

Once season0 begins, GMs will be able to use their management acumen to analyze stats and see which players are truly talented and which are underperforming.

However, there will be information at your fingertips immediately upon reveal that will help you make educated guesses on what you can expect from your players.

On the player NFTs, there is important data like preferred position (such as PG or SF) and rarity (such as Underdog and Legendary). We use these two pieces of information on player generation to determine how well they’ll perform as players on the court.

For a full breakdown of attributes, what’s on-chain and off, please refer to our Flightpaper.

So, how do preferred position and rarity determine player skills and therefore their performance in games?

Based on the positions a player is able to play, they’re also assigned a play style such as “Pass First Guard” or “2-Way Wing”. Each of these play styles is then given a range across each of the 20+ attributes. For example, a “Pass First Guard” would have a high player skills range on passing and vision, and a low player skills range on inside defense.

With position and play style in place, rarity is important because it will create a weighted distribution across the player skills range within a play style. A higher rarity player has a higher likelihood of having high values on the range, but it is not guaranteed.

Just like in real life, there will be Underdog players that beat the odds and become superstars, playing as good as or surpassing more rare players. For the GM who’s willing to take a chance on an underdog, they could find themselves with one of the best players the VBA has ever seen.

Please remember, season0 will feature the highest likelihood of getting a legendary or elite player in your pack, with a distribution as follows:

  • Underdog — 55%
  • Special — 34%
  • Rare — 7%
  • Elite — 3%
  • Legendary — 1%

Good luck with your pack pulls! Don’t write off your Underdogs and don’t assume victory just because you’ve drawn a Legendary… Winners are decided on the court, not in your wallet.



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