Introducing Cash Prize Contests

So, you’ve been crushing it in the VBA: discovering your best players, accumulating wins, and scooping up DIMES… but you want more.

We are excited to reveal the first version of Cash Prize Contests.

What are Cash Prize Contests?

These are contests within the VBA that bring the same game and mechanics that you love, with the added benefit of allowing you to put more on the line and potentially earn greater cash rewards. They are going to be a major piece of our future Arcade Mode, where GMs will be able to compete in a variety of contests for different rewards.

This is an important step as we build towards a sustainable rewards model. As mentioned in our previous blogs, we want GMs to play in the VBA for rewards that they can use to improve their teams, and use those teams to compete against other GMs for cash prizes.

Below, we outline how the first of many Cash Prize Contests will work.

How will Cash Prize Contests work?

Our first Cash Prize Contest will be an expansion of our existing weekly s0 contests. GMs will choose if they want to pay to enter a Cash Prize Contest over the current free to enter Contest.

It will cost 0.55 SOL to sign up for a Cash Prize Contest with 8 participants. The top 4 finishers in the group will each win 1 SOL each and all participants will earn competitive level DIMES. We are testing this mode with a small fee that will be used for other game rewards and to support the team.

In terms of matchmaking, you could face any other team who registers, regardless of Rating Points. Your Rating Points will be affected as normal by wins and losses in this mode.

How do I know if I should play?

Our vision is to create a variety of games and contests for all kinds of GMs to play and enter. This is just an early iteration, and the first of many cash prize and arcade games that we will try. For now, the perfect candidate is a GM who:

  1. Is super competitive, and/or has a competitive team
  2. Loves to talk trash on Twitter and Discord
  3. Wants to put their money where their mouth is

If this sounds like you, please register for a Cash Prize Contest this upcoming week and be among the first to participate! We look forward to your feedback and are excited to see which GMs come out on top.



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