Introducing Daily Challenges

Today we are launching Daily Challenges, a fun new game mode for GMs to play and compete in the VBA.

In this first iteration, the Daily Challenge allows GMs to play their Prospects instantly and test their skills in real time, with the best performance winning a cash prize.

What are Daily Challenges?

In the initial Daily Challenge, GMs will play head-to-head against a pre-set, Challenge Team. As a GM, you’ll be able to see the opponent’s lineup, and strategize your best lineup.

Our vision for Daily Challenges is to create a series of competitions for GMs of all levels to test their skills and earn rewards that help to improve their teams, and maybe grow their wallets along the way.

What are the rules?

GMs will have three attempts each day to get the highest Fantasy Points score. Our Fantasy Points scoring system is inspired by points-based Fantasy Basketball, where players are rewarded for points, rebounds, assists, etc. See the breakdown below:

  • Point = 1
  • 3 PT Made = 0.5
  • Rebound = 1.25
  • Assist = 1.5
  • Steal = 2
  • Block = 2
  • Turnover = -0.5

The team with the highest Fantasy Points total will win the daily reward. Ties on the leaderboard will be settled by point differential between your team and the Daily Challenge team of the day.

For now, only Prospects will be permitted to play in these challenges. We plan to expand Daily Challenges to include more types of players in the future.

What are the rewards?

At launch, the team with the highest total Fantasy Points each day will earn $10 in SOL as we learn and iterate on the Daily Challenges format. We have plans to offer more rewards as we continue to develop this game mode.

When can I play in Daily Challenges?

Daily Challenges are live starting today! Each Daily Challenge will run for 24 hours, with a new opponent available to challenge each day.

It’s never been easier to learn and get good at the VBA, so invite your friends and see how their Prospects stack up against us!



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