Major Update: VBA Rewards Evolution and the Next Phase for DIMES


Starting week9 (week of 8/22), we will be evolving rewards to be more sustainable and focused on in-game utility.

GMs will begin banking DIMES into a new wallet feature in preparation for the VBA Box Office. Banking DIMES means that you, as the GM of your team, will be able to decide where you spend your DIMES instead of having them automatically entered in a weekly drawing. The Box Office will then become your one stop shop to spend DIMES. You will be able to enter drawings, participate in auctions, and purchase various items. The early version of the Box Office will be launching in September.

What does this mean for weekly drawings?

This evolution means that the weekly SOL drawings will be reduced and incorporated directly into the Box Office. During this transition, weekly DIMES drawings for SOL will be paused, allowing for GMs to save up DIMES for the Box Office Grand Opening.

While we are shifting away from weekly SOL drawings in favor of GM choice through using DIMES in the Box Office, we are still committed to rewarding over 2000 SOL from our s0 Treasury to our early GMs. In this next phase of the VBA s0 alpha, we will be distributing the majority of these funds in a variety of cash prize contests and special events for our early GMs and top teams (e.g., tournaments).

We believe these changes will improve the VBA experience by continuing to distribute meaningful rewards to our community while supporting the long term sustainability of the league. Instead of waiting until the end of s0, we strive to iterate and grow as quickly as possible.

The Future of DIMES

This is all part of our continued shift towards DIMES being the source of value and in-game utility for the VBA. As mentioned in our last update on sustainable rewards, we want “GMs to play in the VBA for rewards that improve their teams (aka DIMES) and use those teams to compete against other GMs in cash prize contests.”

In the VBA, our community of GMs is everything and this is a major step towards our ambition of creating the premier basketball league of the Metaverse, focused on fun, for you.

With DIMES storage coming soon, you could say, “the bank is open.”



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