Next Player Sale + Rewards Update

We have good news for GMs eager to improve their roster!

The next batch of season0 Free Agent player sales will take place on Tuesday Nov. 29.

200 players will be available for sale in the Box Office at 3pm PST / 11pm UTC.

Update on Rewards and Player Pricing

It has always been our vision to transition pricing and rewards to a stable currency. As we continue to develop this infrastructure, you will see a rolling delivery of these features. These are designed to help protect our GMs and the VBA from crypto market volatility, as well as make the onboarding experience for new GMs easier.

What we’ve done so far:

season0 Celebration Tournament prize pool is guaranteed over $10,000 USD (previously 400 SOL)

What is coming now:

Raising SOL output within Box Office to retain weekly rewards value — see values for this week in the article here:

Stable pricing for players. For the next drop, Free Agent player sales will be pegged to a ~$50 USD price. We will announce the conversion to SOL the day prior, so you can prepare accordingly.

For Cash Prize contests starting the week of Nov. 29 (week23) — in alignment with our transition to stable currency pricing, we will be adjusting the pricing structure of cash prize contests to a 1.1 SOL entry for a 2 SOL payout under the existing rules. These amounts will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis as well.

Note: this will not impact the Cash Prize leaderboard for qualification into the season0 Celebration Tournament. That will be based on total number of your Top 4 finishes in Cash Prize contests, not SOL amount.

What’s next:

A more seamless experience with USD within the VBA game.

Thank you for all your support! We will continue to work hard every day building VBA for our community of GMs.




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The Virtual Basketball Association (VBA) is the basketball league of the Metaverse and the next evolution in sports gaming.