Patch Notes 0.04

Since the midseason patch, we’ve noticed that our game updates have altered certain play styles more than originally intended. Therefore, despite originally not planning another patch during season0, we’ve decided to do a small tune-up in hopes of getting the game and competitive balance in a steady state leading up to the s0 celebration tournament.

tl;dr We’ve revamped our tuning system so that we can make even smaller adjustments. Stretch Bigs will be a little better at 3 point scoring, Shooting Playmakers will be a little better shooting from the midrange, and Pure Shooters and 3&D Wings will take slightly fewer shots.

Tuning the Tuning System

First off, we’ve redone our tuning system so that the adjustments we make can be more granular than before. GMs have expressed concerns that previous small changes were actually large changes, and we wanted to call this out out so that we can set expectations for the impact of these upcoming adjustments.

Stretch Bigs’ 3-pt Scoring Buff

Stretch Bigs will enjoy a slight boost to their 3 point efficiency. In our last Patch, we nerfed Stretch Bigs’ scoring abilities by reducing their effectiveness from outside. We think that the change might’ve been a little too harsh, and as a result, Rim Protectors have had no problem shutting them down. With this adjustment, Stretch Bigs should perform better against Rim Protectors as they’ll be a little more effective from beyond the 3 point arc.

Shooting Playmaker’s Midrange Bounces Back

Shooting Playmakers efficiency from midrange will improve. Our last patch nerfed Shooting Playmakers too hard, and now we are seeing them underperform. We will swing their pendulum back a little, closer to expectations.

Pure Shooter and 3&D Wings to Shoot Fewer Shots

These two Play Styles will take fewer 3 point shots. In our last Patch, we buffed up 3&D Wings’ and Pure Shooters’ 3 point output and efficiency so that they could live up to their name. Since then, they’ve been dropping too many 3 point shots. These Play Styles will still perform well from the perimeter, but not unrealistically well.

We hope these changes re-align certain Play Styles closer to expectations and create a fun, competitive balance for the remainder of s0.



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