Practice Leagues: Start Your VBA Legacy Right. Now.

ATTN: NEW and aspiring GMs. This one’s for you.

We are introducing Practice Leagues to get you get in the game right away. Previously, if you didn’t register during the primary registration window, you were left twiddling your thumbs until the following week. Practice Leagues have open enrollment so GMs can join at anytime, making it ideal for newcomers who’ve joined mid-week. These leagues, though, will differ slightly in their rules compared to our weekly contests.

No More Game Delay

Because our weekly contests have a given registration window, it was easy for new GMs to miss the deadline and be forced to wait before they could actually stake a claim in the VBA and start playing. With Practice Leagues, we will dispel that waiting period and engage new GMs right away. As an added bonus, this will also give veteran GMs who may have forgotten to register a second chance at competition.

Practice League Rules and Flow

Practice Leagues come with their own unique set of rules due to their flexible timelines which are designed to protect and empower new GMs.

  1. GMs can register anytime. You knew this already.
  2. Matches are scheduled the night before. Because of the inherent fluidity of the league, games are scheduled as late as possible to allow for more GMs to enter the league. You’ll be able to find your match-ups for the next day every night at 8PM PT/3AM UTC.
  3. Group sizes may vary. GMs will play whoever else signs up, and how ever many people sign up. Like our other contests, we will limit each group to 8 teams. Note that 2 registered teams are required to get playing.
  4. Team Rating will not be affected. It’s called a Practice League for a reason! Don’t forget to register for a weekly contest when registration opens again, so you can really see how you fare as a competitor.
  5. Placement-level DIMES will be earned. If this is your first time hearing about DIMES, they are our off-chain, in-game currency that you can use at our Box Office. Learn more here. If you’re a GM who’s already played in the VBA, you will be eligible to earn Placement-level DIMES regardless of your Rating Points and current league.

If you’re a new GM who’s missed registration for a Free Play or Cash Prize Contest, the Practice League was made for you! Join today and start building your legacy. Don’t be shy!



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