Preparing for the Second Half of season0

Thank you for your enthusiasm through the first half of season0 and for the upcoming VBA All-Star games. We received ~90 All-Star nominations, so get your votes in to decide who will be making an appearance!

We have another exciting update that will give the second half of season0 an increased level of competition and reward our highest performing teams from the first half of the season.

Starting week16, teams will be competing towards a new milestone — the VBA End of Season Tournament for top teams (with cash rewards!). More details to be announced soon.

What this means

  1. To start week16, Rating Points will be reset to a fixed level based on each GM’s performance during the first half of the season
  2. Competitive League teams will receive a DIMES bonus payout based on their performance during the first half of the season (through week15)

How will Rating Points be reset?

Teams who finish week15 in Competitive League will reset to 1650 RP

Teams who finish week15 in Intermediate League will reset to 1500 RP

Teams who finish week15 in Recreational League will reset to 1349 RP

How will Competitive League teams DIMES bonus be paid out?

First half of season DIMES bonuses will be paid out to teams according to their Rating Points total above 1650 at the conclusion of week15. For example, if your RP is 1800, then you will receive 150 DIMES.


The second half reset will not take place until the start of week16 on Tuesday October 11. You have until the end of week15 on October 10 to the climb the ladder, at which point a snapshot will be taken, Rating Points will be reset, and DIMES bonuses will be rewarded.

Good luck to all GMs during the second half of the season!



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