Pull Your Packs


Congratulations, you’re the proud owner of a VBA Player Pack and soon to be VBA GM! Now, you may be wondering… what happens next?

As a refresher, our long term vision for the VBA is to create the premier basketball metaverse and build an experience where our community can realize their wildest hoop dreams, and the first step into this world starts with a single pack.

Starting April 6th at 2PM PST, you will be able to reveal each pack once a week for seven weeks until the game comes out at the end of the May and meet your first players. The ONLY place to do this will be on our site: https://www.vbagame.com/. Please be careful connecting your wallets and signing transactions.

Diamond hands… keep reading. Just remember, this is not financial advice.

How the Packs Work

Think of each pack as an unrevealed NFT that can be opened 7 times (once a week until the end of May) to reveal 7 unique, 1 of 1 player NFTs, each with a different appearance and set of attributes. You can choose to reveal weekly or choose to reveal later. It’s entirely up to you!

To reiterate on pack colors and floats — whether you snagged a blue, red, or teal pack, a high float pack or a low float pack, ALL packs will have the same probability of producing different rarity players!

season0 packs will have the highest drop % of special, elite, and legendary players. The drop rates are below:

  • Underdog — 55%
  • Special — 34%
  • Rare — 7%
  • Elite — 3%
  • Legendary — 1%

From a technical perspective, after a pack is opened and a player is redeemed, the “player_redemption” field will be decremented and a randomly selected player will be airdropped from the overall pool of players into your wallet. This allows traders to know how many drops remain and packs will get valued accordingly.

When the airdrop is complete, our player pack opening experience will begin, and you’ll meet your player for the first time. We built this experience using airdrops because we wanted these drops to come at no cost to you. In terms of in-game attributes, most of them will not be revealed on pack opening, but rather when the game begins. But more on that in a later post. Just remember: just because a player NFT is legendary or an underdog, doesn’t mean they’re a sure thing or a bust (see Kwame Brown vs Ben Wallace).

Once you finish claiming all 7 players you will get to keep your season0 player pack NFT. In the future, player pack NFTs will be burned when the last player drop is claimed, so this will be the only player pack NFT that isn’t burned after all drops have been claimed as we wanted a persistent token to celebrate our early community.

Investing in Packs

As a holder, you have two options:

  1. Open the packs
  2. Hold the packs

Sigh decisions, decisions. Of course, either option will unlock access to our amazing community of basketball lovers.

Sorry, we’re almost done. There’s a just a little bit more to go.

Red Ball: Open the Pack

Opening the pack gives you almost immediate utility by giving you players that can compete in games, tournaments, and leagues to earn Solana in the VBA metaverse. Oh, and by playing you’ll also be able to trash talk with community. Anyone wanna play against Big Brain? 🙋

The Solana rewards come from the VBA treasury, which consists of a portion of the proceeds from pack drops and secondaries. More details on the treasury and how we’ll use it to produce sustainable rewards coming soon.

Read more about the game here: https://flightpaper.vbagame.com/

Blue Ball: Hold the Pack

ICYMI, an opened box of first generation Pokemon cards sold for $400,000 (source). While the game is our North Star, there also exists potential future value in partially (ie 6, 5, … 1 remaining players) or completely (all 7 remaining) unopened packs. Remember, season0 packs will have the highest likelihood of pulling legendary and elite players.

Therefore, each pack can also be held unopened as a collectible investment, similar to how an unopened first generation pack of basketball or Pokémon cards could (albeit very unlikely) contain a Rookie Michael Jordan or First Generation Charizard card. A season0 pack with remaining player redemptions preserves the potential of pulling the next Michael Jordan but also the next Anthony Bennett of the VBA.

Wait… what?

In comparison to other projects, we’re introducing two relatively new mechanics:

  1. Holders can reveal their players when they want. In contrast to most NFT projects that reveal all their assets all at once, our reveal will be partially user dictated. Users can pull players from their packs when they want — preserving the value in the unknown and a holder’s chances of pulling a high rarity asset, which are the highest they’ll ever be in the season0 packs.
  2. Holders can receive multiple assets from a single asset. In contrast to one token = one NFT, our NFTs hold multiple players inside of them. That means early believers get multiple NFTs for the price of one and allows our early holders to receive both forms of value by choosing to redeem a certain amount of players from a pack and leaving a portion unrevealed for their potential.

Allowing users to hold and leave packs unopened also means that the community helps control the supply of assets in the ecosystem. Opening packs means introducing more player supply while keeping them unopened means fewer players.

Got questions? Please jump in our Discord: https://discord.gg/vbagame and our wonderful community and mods will help!

About The VBA

The Virtual Basketball Association (VBA) is a basketball NFT experience built for the metaverse. Built on Solana, the VBA makes it fun and rewarding for users to put together a dream team of players to play in games, tournaments, and leagues for rewards.

We’ve raised $6M+ in funding and are backed by top investors from Riot, EA, 100Thieves, and several NBA team owners.

Join the VBA Community:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vbagame
Discord: https://discord.gg/vbagame
Website: https://www.vbagame.com/
Find us on Magic Eden: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/vba_player_pack



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