Revealing VBA s0 Play Styles

Note: this is the first in a multi-part series on Play Styles and player performance.

An important part of being a GM is choosing the players you want on your team. For the past several weeks, you’ve gotten to know your players based off of their appearance, rarity, position, and season of experience. However, there’s still one more thing that we wanted to reveal before you make your first lineup decisions: Play Styles.

Play Styles are important because they affect how a player plays the game, who they work well with, and their impact on the final boxscore. In season0, we’ve carefully constructed 15 play styles based on a player’s preferred position that you’ll see for the first time on your player profiles when registration for season0 week 1 begins in a few days.

Here are the season0 play styles.

*Positions means that if a player has one of those positions, they’ll be eligible for that Play Style. For example, if a player has a preferred position as PG, SG, SF, they could be any of the Play Styles where PG, SG, and SF are listed below.

season0 tips-off on June 23. If you’re not a GM yet, what’re you waiting for? It’s not too late to start your VBA dynasty and getting a team of 5 players on Magic Eden is easy. If you’re buying packs, please make sure check the blockchain before you do so.



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