s0 First Patch: Patch Notes 0.01


With the first week of s0 under our belts and loads of game-day data at our fingertips, we are excited to bring you our first patch notes! Here we will outline all the updates happening this week as well as updates that are on our radar. Be on the look out for an in-depth blog post about our balance ideology and how we plan to do our patches later this week.

Changes this week

These are the updates you can expect to see in-game, right away.

  1. Nerfing Versatile Forwards on Passing and Rebounding. Right now, Versatile Forwards are too good at almost everything. We want to make sure they have a more specific use case rather than being a jack of all trades. While they’re still good at passing and rebounding, we’re making those a secondary focus for them with defense being their primary skillset.
  2. Increased De-buff for Out-of-Position Players. You can still play any player in any position you like. But, the Post Scoring Big who’s been getting a ton of rebounds at the PG position? Expect their performance to weaken, as well as any other player who’s placement differs from their preferred position.

On our radar

These are items we’ve identified as needing adjustment. We are working through multiple possible solutions to address these issues, so no formal decisions have been made yet. We’ll continue to monitor performance and impact on the meta.

  1. 3&D Wings’ Underperformance. This position has not been performing to expectations.
  2. Interior Offense Domination. Positions like Slashers, Post-Scoring Bigs, and Fundamental Bigs have been performing beyond expectations.

That’s it for now! Please remember season0 is a time for you to experiment, as well as for us. Thanks for helping us build this game, and don’t forget that we will be releasing a comprehensive blog post with our thoughts on future game patches later this week!



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