s0 Individual Player Sales Start Soon


Update: The latest information on the next upcoming VBA player sale will be up-to-date in our Help Center here: https://help.vbagame.com/hc/en-us/articles/9906952626075-When-is-the-next-VBA-player-sale-

The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. New season0 VBA players are ready to start joining your team! Here is everything you need to know for the first batch of players dropping soon.


Limited drop of sesaon0 players for sale to test the new sales system on vbagame.com in the Box Office.


October 24 at 10am PST / 5pm UTC


The VBA Box Office, found at https://play.vbagame.com/box-office. You can also navigate to it by logging in to your account and selecting Box Office from the top menu.

At the moment, purchases must be made through a supported Solana wallet. That means using a desktop browser with a supported wallet extension (ie: Phantom) or the in-app browser within the Phantom mobile app. Mobile Safari or other mobile browsers will not work.

*Please make sure you are minting safely, always double check the URL you are clicking is correct and from the VBA official announcement. You can also use a burner wallet if you prefer.

How many players?

The first test drop will contain 20 players. If that test goes smoothly we will immediately follow up with 100 additional players.

Why so few players in the first batch?

We know that this is a very small amount of players in the first batch — but it is important we test this new system before releasing larger quantities.

When will the next batch be?

If everything goes smooth in the test batch, we will follow up with the timing for the next drop shortly after.

If there are bugs, we will address it as quickly as possible and update you accordingly.

What if I’m in a time zone that this isn’t convenient for?

We appreciate your patience for this test. After we have successfully tested the sales system we will plan additional drops at different times to accommodate other time zones.

How large will the future drops be each release?

We will be careful setting the quantity for each drop to try and best support sustainable growth while balancing the needs of existing GMs.

Will there be a consistent drop schedule?

After our initial test drops we plan to have a consistent release schedule.

How many total players are dropping for s0?

We will release up to 14,000 additional players during season0. A portion of these will be utilized as rewards for contests and special events.

How much will players cost?

Players in this batch will be 1.5 SOL each for a randomized individual player.

What type of players are they?

Players rarity and play style will be randomized. Rarity odds will follow this distribution:

When will the player be revealed?

When you purchase the player, they will be instantly revealed to you.



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