The Power of Email Login

We have an easier way to login to your VBA Account. There’s no need to connect your wallet every time when you setup an email login. And by doing so, you’ll open up new ways to manage your team.

With an email login, you’ll be able to play on the go with a quick login experience. Or, you could hand over the reins to another GM to manage your daily operations without compromising the security of your assets or potential rewards.

How do I set up an Email Login?

Registering an email with the VBA is easy. Once you’re logged in, simply go to your account settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, and add an e-mail address and password. You’ll get an email to confirm, and once you confirm it, you’ll be good to go.

Who should use the Email Login?

Adding an email address to your account allows for more seamless sign-in when you’re making lineup changes on the move, and is a convenient solution for those using mobile web browsers. It also opens you to less risk because you won’t have to connect your wallet every time you sign in.

We can already think of several cases where you’s want to invite someone else to share your VBA account with you. The most obvious is for whales and DAOs with multiple teams to delegate daily decision-making to another trusted GM. All you would have to do is give this new GM the email address and password associated with a specific team.

Or maybe you’re interested in co-managing a team with friends? Who knows? That could be fun, too.

What about Account Security?

Sharing your email login with another GM will allow them to make lineup decisions, change player names, and check your team’s statistics. It will NOT give them access to trade players, purchase new players, or execute any other action that requires access to your wallet. Those types of transactions currently happen outside of the VBA app and require a wallet signature.

Similarly, visiting GMs won’t be able to collect any SOL rewards won via DIMES drawings. However, once DIMES are storable and have more use cases, GMs with email will be able to use them for any transaction that doesn’t require a wallet signature.

Add your email to you account before you forget! And if you’re not in our Discord already, make sure to join our community to discuss opportunities and strategy within VBA.



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