The VBA Internal Team Policies


Hey GMs! We hope you’ve been enjoying your first week in the VBA.

It’s important that we create a fun and fair competitive environment for every VBA GM. As we build towards that, we wanted to share our internal policies for how the VBA core team will fairly participate alongside the community in games.

Why is it important that the internal team play?

  1. It helps us improve the game experience for you. By playing with you all, we learn first hand what’s going well, what needs to be improved, and are able to identify new opportunities.
  2. To develop a closer connection with our community. We’re all hoops degens, too, and playing the game alongside you will strengthen our bond with each other through our shared passion for basketball, competition and innovation.

Of course, some members of the VBA team have access to information about players or future feature launches. Therefore, we’ve instituted the following policies for the ENTIRE team.

  1. VBA core team members are permitted 1 team each and will have a [VBA] tag in front of their team name.
  2. VBA core team members will not be eligible for SOL rewards in any capacity. For the current structure of season0 [VBA] teams will not earn DIMES, as DIMES current utility provides access to SOL rewards. [VBA] teams will earn 0 DIMES regardless of their final standing. All other teams will receive the allocated DIMES for their final standing, inclusive of the [VBA] team. In the future [VBA] teams will earn DIMES for the in-game utility.
  3. VBA core team team members are not permitted to sell VBA NFTs on secondaries.

These policies ensure we are only playing for the purposes of bettering our product and community for you.

A Note on NFTs Owned by the VBA Core Team and VBA Project

All team members bought their own packs and players during the public sale and/or off of secondaries. Unlike many projects, no player packs or players were reserved for the VBA team pre-mint.

All community wallet packs and players were also bought during the public mint or secondaries and are reserved for community rewards and giveaways.

Blockchain, NFTs, and web3 have the power to fundamentally change the Internet and as leaders in the space, we believe that strong values, ethical conduct, and transparency are key to our success. We are thankful for the support of our community so far, and as we strengthen our community and evolve the game together, we will continue to invest in making sure we do things the right way.



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