The VBA s0 Salary Cap

Two of the most common questions we get asked about the VBA are: How can I compete against whales who have teams of all legendaries? I have all underdogs — do I have a chance of earning rewards?

To answer those questions: The VBA is for everyone and our goal is to make sure all types of teams are able to earn rewards. We want to foster a fair and competitive environment, and plan to do this by creating a variety of game modes with different salary caps and registration criteria that allow people to be competitive with their legendaries and underdogs alike.

Introducing: the VBA s0 salary cap.

In professional sports, salary caps have been a long standing tool to help maintain competitive balance by restricting richer franchises from signing more top players than their rivals. We hope to use the same mechanic in the VBA to balance the playing field.

To start, we plan to have a salary cap of $18,000, with salary tied to player rarity.

  • Underdog: $2000
  • Special: $3000
  • Rare: $4000
  • Elite: $5000
  • Legendary: $6000

We chose these initial numbers and structure to keep things simple while providing enough room for GMs to test and try different combinations. For example, users can create lineups that consist of:

  1. 2x Legendaries, 3x Underdogs
  2. 1x Legendary, 1x Elite, 1x Special, 2x Underdogs
  3. 2x Elite, 1x Rare, 2x Underdog
  4. 1x Elite, 2x Rare, 1x Special, 1x Underdog
  5. 4x Rare, 1x Underdog
  6. 3x Rare, 2x Special
  7. and much more!

Over time, please expect that we might adjust the salary mechanism and cap based on community feedback to ensure that we’re constantly improving.

It’s time to start planning for season0. We can’t wait to see the first lineups you put on the court!



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