VBA All-Star Voting Overview

Now that nominations are underway to get the All-Star ballot set, here’s a look on how the voting process will work. Remember, you have until 6pm PST on Wednesday Sept. 21 to get your nominations submitted for a player to be on the ballot — nomination details and instructions can be found here: https://vbagame.medium.com/vba-all-star-schedule-release-nominations-7f6b1174b37b

All-Star Voting Overview

The All-Star teams will be decided by a combination of a public vote on Twitter and a vote from our GM selection committee.

Each voting system will have an equal 50% weighted average that contributes to the selection of the All-Stars.

20 All-Stars will be selected to participate in the two games.

All-Star Game 1: Starter Showcase (all players eligible)

All-Star Game 2: Special Underdog Showcase (Underdogs and Special rarity only)

Remember to expect a surprise announcement from Commissioner J too.

How to Vote in the public Twitter Vote

Step 1: We will provide you with an All-Star Vote Card graphic for each of your nominated All-Stars in Discord at approximately 12pm PST on Thursday Sept. 22

Step 2: GMs must tweet out their own Vote Card for their player with #VBAAllStar (only post once, this should be posted by the GM of the player, not the GM who nominated the player if they’re different)

Step 3: All Retweets (1.5x multiplier) and Likes (1x, no multiplier) will be aggregated as votes for the player

We will aggregate all the links to these Vote Card Tweets in Discord for GMs to easily find

Voting will close at 6pm PST Wednesday Sept. 28

How the GM Committee Vote will work

The top 10 GMs according to Team Ranking as of the conclusion of week13 will be given a ballot to fill out their selection of 5 players for each game. Their 5 selections must fulfill all preferred position slots and adhere to the eligibility rules for each game.

When will selection announcements happen?

The VBA league office will tally the votes and tweet out the selected players throughout the day on September 29 and 30.

How the Teams are divided after selections

The Top 2 GMs according to Team Ranking as of the conclusion of week13 will be given the opportunity to serve as Captains to draft lineups out of the selected All-Stars

We are partnering with Knights of Degen to host a special Live Stream Draft for the All-Star lineups — make sure to tune in for a special giveaway as well.

Date: Friday, September 30th

Time: 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Where to Watch: http://Twitch.tv/KnightsOfDegen, http://Youtube.com/KnightsofDegen

Prizes Reminder

Each GM of a selected All-Star player will receive the official commemorative season0 merch — a premium, embroidered crewneck sweatshirt* just in time for Fall! *sizes limited, maximum of 1 per GM, must ship to North America or will receive equal value digital prize

As an additional bonus, all GMs with a player on one of the winning teams will split a $200 USD total prize pool.

This is everything you need to know. But for full transparency, the Fine Print below is available to read in case you are curious.

The Fine Print

Votes will be tallied and players will be ranked 1-X according to public Vote, then weighted by 50%.

For example, player A received the most votes, he would be rank 1, and have a public vote score of 0.5 after the weight.

Votes of the GM Committee will also be separately tallied and ranked 1-X, then weighted by 50%.

For example, if player A received the second most votes, he would be rank 2 from the GM committee and have a score of 1 after the 50% weight.

Player A’s scores would then add up to be 1.5. The player with the overall lowest numerical score would be the top overall All-Star vote getter.

The Starter Showcase will be comprised of the top 10 overall All-Star vote getters that fulfill two slots of each preferred position.

For example, if 3 SFs were in the top 10 but only 1 C, the SF with the worst numerical score would be bumped out for the next C.

Similarly, the Special Underdog Showcase will be comprised of the top 10 vote getters who are Underdog or Special players. The same position requirements and process will apply.

Quote Tweets will count as a RT, but the engagement on the quote tweet will not count, only the engagement on the one original tweet with the vote card will count as votes.

If one of the GMs who qualify for the committee vote are unavailable or wish to not participate, the next highest ranked GM will take their place.

If one of the GMs who qualify to be a captain are not available or wish to not participate in the draft, they will have the option to select any proxy GM of their choosing.

Individual ballots from the GM selection committee will not be shared but we will share the overall vote totals from those ballots.



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