VBA Creators Program


We are excited to announce the launch of the VBA Creators Program!

During this initial stage, we intend to provide community creators and builders with the resources, support, and tools in order to help GMs create engaging and significant contributions to the VBA. As our community and number of community creators grow, we hope to improve and expand this early program.

Our Motivation

Successful projects are built on a strong sense of community, and we appreciate and encourage all contributions to the VBA ecosystem. We’re all building the VBA together. Whether you’re a content creator, developer, franchise owner — each and every GM is an important part of our journey towards an awesome game and community experience.

Some of the contributions include a VBA GM-hosted talk show, Inside the VBA, for news around the league and takes on the current meta, an interview with CEO Charles Du on the Shaunstake podcast episode as well as community-built tools such as the VBA Data App which helps collect and sort stats on players and teams, marketplace tools such as VBA Player Listings and Marketplace Analysis that help new GMs buy and sell players and lastly, hooploop, which helps gain an edge in competitive match-ups.

A Call for Creators

We’re eager to support:

  • Digital media: To produce digital content on gameplay, game analysis, and streaming on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Podcasts, etc.
  • Engineers, developers, programmers: To build tools that help our growing community of GMs
  • Writers/analysts: To write newsletters and articles that share news around the league, discuss gameplay, and tell the unique storylines within the VBA.

This list is not exhaustive and all sorts of content development are welcome.


This program’s objectives are to strengthen the community and offer creators more tools for creation. To help support you, we plan to start with the following:

  • Content exposure across VBA social media and Discord
  • Dedicated discussion channels and focus groups to listen to the creator needs and goals
  • Exclusive tools and aid to create community-built products
  • Ability to apply for giveaway items

We’re open to ideas on how to help you create awesome content and grow your audience.

Creator Resources

To help you get started, we’ve put together the following resources:

  • Public APIs: Players, teams, live game stats and previous game stats
  • Marketing assets: Collection of logos, marketing assets and banners for digital products
  • Forums: We encourage GMs to discuss and collaborate to produce top-notch projects by utilizing their complementary skills.

Get Started

Within the VBA Discord, we’ve created a new channel called “Community-Creators” to discuss the program and serve as a place for GMs to request assistance with any projects they may have in mind. We also plan to hold a few focus groups to help us better understand how we can help support community creators.



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